New Crop for Farmers

A new opportunity has arose for corn farmers. Cobs, the part left behind after harvest, are always planted back into the ground to add nutrients to the soil and make for a better harvest.
However, companies from South Dakota and California are building two plants in Iowa. One plant will turn the material into ethanol and the other will turn cobs into fertilizer.
The plants are expected to cost over $200 million. Farmers can sell the cobs to these plants to make extra profit off their harvest.
In the current economic system this news is exciting to many farmers.
“We’re excited about it,” corn farmer Jim Boyer told the Associated Press. “there’s an opportunity for another profit to stream off our farm.”
The projects could generate over $10 million a year for local farmers. The plants should be completed by 2011 and will process 130,000 tons of cobs per year. Farmers can expect $50 per ton of cobs.
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