Nebraska Governor Supports Farmers Markets

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman, a major supporter of the agricultural industry, recently encouraged Nebraskans to take advantage of locally grown produce and visit their local farmers markets.

Heineman has been a vocal defender of Nebraska agriculture during his two terms in office. Earlier this year, the governor got into a heated fight with both the Humane Society of the United States, claiming that they were seeking to undermine Nebraska agriculture. In order to prevent the HSUS from banning caged animal agriculture through petition efforts, which they have done in other states, Heineman pledged to “kick [their] ass and send [them] out of the state.”

Heineman’s latest effort to promote Nebraska agriculture revolves around promoting farmers markets. Over the past twelve years, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture reported that the number of farmers markets in the state has nearly doubled, increasing from 39 to more than 75.

“Farmers markets help connect produce growers with residents of cities and towns, and provide growers with another outlet to market their fresh produce,” Heineman said. “Nothing compares to the freshness of the produce found at the farmers markets across our state. It is great-tasting, and it’s good for your health.”

According to state Department of Agriculture officials, eating local produce not only helps the state economy, but also can help encourage a healthy, nutritional diet, potential lowering healthcare costs in the state.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer