Morrow County Has Highest Rate of Agriculture Workers

The East Oregonian reports Morrow County has the highest number of farm workers in the region. The data, from the U.S. Census Bureau, shows Morrow County not only has the highest percentage or workers, but they make more money as well.
The report states in 2009 Morrow County had 934 agriculture workers out of a total 4,836 workers. This is 19.3 percent of all workers in the county. Since 2000 the number of agriculture workers has increased from 17.7 percent.
In nearby Umatilla County only 8.2 percent of workers are involved with agriculture, forestry, fishing or hunting.
“The strength and importance of agriculture to Morrow and Umatilla counties is clearly seen by this data,” Phil Hamm, superintendent of the Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center told the East Oregonian. “Nearly 20 percent of the workforce in Morrow County and greater than 8 percent in Umatilla County work on farms. Other agricultural-related positions, such as processing, would add even more workers related to agriculture to this count.”
The increase in workers is also contributed to the decline in farm size over the past fifteen years.

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Written by: Melissa Warner / Farm Plus Financial staff writer