Monsato Seeks Scholarship Applicants

The 2011 Commitment to Agriculture Scholarship Program is now accepting applications for four $1,500 scholarships.
These scholarships are intended for high school seniors from farming families who wish to enter agriculture-related programs from accredited colleges and universities. This includes agricultural science, agri-business, veterinary or other related fields.
The money is from the National Association of Farm Broadcasters who fund raise all year with Monsato to earn money for necessary scholarships. Money is awarded based on academic achievement, leadership and extra-curricular activities. Applicants must complete an application as well as a personal essay.
Click here for more information and an application.
Monsato works alongside farmers selling seeds and crop protection chemicals as well as traits developed through biotechnology. Monsato sponsors these scholarships due to the important of youth and students in agriculture.
For more information on agriculture scholarships contact Farm Plus at 866-929-5585.