Missouri Sets Up Disaster Funds

An agricultural disaster relief fund has been set up in Missouri. Following on the heels of a series of brutal storms across the Midwest and the Southern United States, Missouri farmers are in dire need of relief. Flooding along the Mississippi river has hit Missouri particularly hard, flooding tens of thousands of acres of valuable farmland and costing millions of dollars in lost revenue and repairs.

At the present, the new relief fund has raised about $150,000. $100,000 came from the agricultural giant Monsanto, while another $50,000 came from international aid sent primarily from Taiwan. The fund is administered by the Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority.

Money will be distributed in the following ways. $500 grants will be given to Missouri farmers in the form of immediate need grants. This money can be used for agricultural or household purposes and can only be distributed to families directly impacted by natural disasters. $5,000 grants to non-profit organizations or municipalities will be available for the purposes of rebuilding, reconstruction, or projects that help repair the larger farm community. Finally, grants over $5,000 can be made available in special instances. Any individual or organization can apply for these major disaster grants, but priority will be given to organizations helping large numbers of individuals.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer