Minnesota Recalls Eggs

Earlier this week, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture began investigations of a local organic egg farm. The farm in question is believed to be connected to a string of illnesses that broke out over the last several months. The farm has issued a voluntary recall and is cooperating with state agricultural officials.
Between August 12 and September 24, at least six people fell ill with salmonella after consuming organic eggs that originated from Larry Schultz Organic Farm of Owatonna, Minnesota. So far no fatalities have been reported. Infection with Salmonella can cause Salmonellosis, an illness characterized by diarrhea, fever, vomiting, and abdominal cramps. While not common, salmonellosis can lead to potentially fatal complications, particularly in individuals with weak immune systems.Minnesota agricultural officials were quick to warn consumers that the organic nature of the eggs did not cause the salmonella contamination, which routinely affects both organic and non-organic eggs. In order to minimize potential salmonella contamination, they reminded consumers that they should thoroughly cook their eggs to destroy any potential bacterial infection.
Agricultural officials are working with local and regional grocers to recall al eggs from the farm in question. Larry Schultz Organic Farm has sent organic eggs across Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.
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