Milk Production Increases Across the Country

According to reports from the United States Department of Agriculture, milk production in the top 23 dairy-producing states has increased in October compared to figures from 2009.
In October the top 23 states produced 14.8 billion pounds of milk. The entire 50 states produced 15.868 billion pounds, which is 2.9 percent more than last year.
Overall the Daily Dairy Report states the United States milk production has increased by 1.6 percent this year.
The western states are most responsible for the growth according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Oregon had the largest increase with 11.4 percent more milk than last year with Arizona producing 9.5 percent more. Colorado increased by 8.1 percent and Washington by 7.1 percent. California, one of the leading dairy states, saw a 4.3 percent increase in 2010.
In comparison the Midwest dairy states remain relatively flat with a .2 percent increase this year.
The biggest factor in higher milk production is the increase in the number of cows in the 23 major dairy states.
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