Lugar Campaigns on Energy Initiative

In the last few days of the Indiana primary race, Senator Dick Lugar is promoting his work on rural energy development in a hope to build popular support on voting day.

On May 8, Hoosiers go to the polls to vote in the state primary. While the Republican presidential primary is all but decided, the fight for the GOP Senate nomination appears to be down to the wire. Long-term incumbent Dick Lugar, who was expected to easily win the nomination, appears to be floundering in the polls, with the most recent poll showing state treasurer Richard Mourdock in the lead.

With the campaign winding down, Lugar is hoping to appeal to Hoosier farmers by touting his efforts in passing the 2012 Farm Bill out of committee. In particular, Lugar is highlighting his bipartisan work with Democrat Kent Conrad to reinsert rural energy production funding into the bill.

“Rural energy development and conservation mean more jobs and more income for Hoosiers and more energy security for all Americans,” Lugar said.

Local Indiana energy organizations have responded favorable to Lugar’s initiatives. The CEO of Growth Energy recently stated, “I specifically want to thank Senators Conrad and Lugar for offering a solid, bipartisan amendment that will provide key resources to rural energy programs.” The president of the Alliance to Save Energy wrote, “The Conrad-Lugar Amendment will allow many rural Americans to tap into the power of energy efficiency to help grow food, build a business, or raise a family. With more financial support for energy efficiency, rural America will be stronger, and so will our nation as a whole.”

Lugar also picked up praise from the National Farmers Union, who wrote to Lugar to thank him for his efforts in protecting the rural economy.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer