Loan Deficiency Payments for Sheep and Goat Producers

Sheep and goat producers can apply for the Loan Deficiency Payments (LDPs) for wool or mohair shorn in 2009, as well as unshorn lambs. Applications are available at local FSA offices and can be obtained by those who qualify.
LPDs are available for sheared wool and mohair when it’s unprocessed and the Payment Rate is announced each week at local FSA offices. Ungraded wool is calculated by the 2009 loan rate of 40 cents/pound and subtracting the posted price for ungraded wool.
For the unshorn pelts, producers have to own the unshorn lamb for 30 days pre-slaughter and sold the lamb for immediate slaughter. Those slaughtered for personal use will receive the LDP rate in effect for the date of slaughter.
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