Largest CSP Facility Approved by California Energy Commission

Photo courtesy of The California Energy Commission
The California Energy Commission approved the construction of the Blythe Solar Power Project in Riverside County. This energy project will be the largest Concentrated Solar Power facility in the entire world.
The project will consist of four 250MW solar farms that create 1,000 MW of electricity, enough to power 300,000 homes every year.
Josef Eichhammer, Preside of Solar Trust of American and CEO of Solar Millennium, LLC, said,
“Together with the State of California’s leadership we are committed to restoring the state as the global leader in renewable energy. This multi-billion dollar facility will be the largest solar generating facility in the world and will help solidify that reputation.”
He added the first of two constructions will begin by the end of 2010.
Solar farms reduce carbon dioxide emissions by removing as much emissions as 300,000 cars on the road every year (this is two million tons).
Unlike most solar farms that use solar panels, this project will use “dry-cooling” technology. This uses 90 percent less water than wet cooled CSP facilities.
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