Large-Scale Urban Farm Being Prepared in Brooklyn

Bright Farms, a company that specialized in greenhouse production, is announcing the creation of a new farm in an unlikely location, downtown Brooklyn.

The agricultural announcement is the latest in a series of urban farming movements springing up across the country. While the movement has deep roots in the United States (it was used during the late nineteenth century in major urban centers to combat economic depressions and, more famously, as a part of the national war effort during World War II), its more recent incarnation appears more permanent, with supporters claiming that it has the ability to radically transform agricultural production in the U.S.

The Brooklyn farm will be in operation by next year, with its first harvest being planned for next spring. The hydroponic greenhouse will be located on the rooftop of an abandoned Navy warehouse.

The farm is notable for a number of reasons. At 100,000 square feet of space, it will be one of the largest urban farms in the country. In addition, its planned annual harvest capacity of 1 million pounds will make it one of the most productive urban farms nationwide. Finally, all of this produce will be grown without using dirt or soil.

The Bright Farms’ project is only one of several urban farms being planned in Brooklyn. These farmers are currently negotiating with local grocery stores and supermarkets for exclusive contracts. These renewed local connections, farmers hope, will revitalize urban economies and will help reduce the ecological impact of agriculture in the United States.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer