Is Kerry and Lieberman's Legislation in Limbo?

Democratic Senator John Kerry and independent Senator Joseph Lieberman introduced a compromise climate change proposal in senate that has yet to get any attention from the Senate Floor. Due to the lack of attention and the fact it has not been formally introduced, experts believe the legislation is in limbo.
The plan would reduce U.S. carbon dioxide emissions that feed into global warming. The legislation would lower the United States’ dependency on fossil fuels to more earth-friendly options like wind, solar and biomass.
The Senate Majority Leader disagrees that it is in limbo and instead wants to get all 57 Senate Democrats and two independents to talk about nothing but energy. When this meeting occurs the Environmental Protection Agency and Energy Information Administration should be done analyzing the proposed legislation.
Kerry and Lieberman agree that this bill will help boost the economy and there are many incentives for businesses to make the switch.
Many senators believe that it will be next year before a climate change bill will hit the Senate Floor.
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