Iowa #2 in Wind Power

According to the latest American Wind Energy Association survey, Iowa is still one of the leading states in electrical power from wind.
Iowa is the second largest wind-power producing state in the United States. The survey shows that Iowa produces 3,053 megawatts, right behind Texas with 8,797 megawatts.California is the third largest producer with 2,787 megawatts.
In 2009 Iowa has added new farms in Adair, Story and Pottawattamie counties. This increased the state’s megawatts by 300.
Dennis Bode, CEO of the American Wind Energy Association, said the interest and growth of wind energy has increased over the past year with a number of government incentives.
“The number of wind power-generating turbines installed in Iowa has increased this past year, which is good for the state,” says Bode. “The U.S. now has a total wind power generating capacity of 31,000 megawatts.”

Top five states for wind power
Output in megawatts:

Texas 8,797
Iowa 3,053
California 2,787
Minnesota 1,805
Oregon 1,659

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