Illinois University Receives $9 Million for Agriculture Development

The University of Illinois’ College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences is reaching out to third world countries to develop successful agriculture practices.
With $9 million in funding from the United States government, teams of five (including five students and one University of Illinois instructor) will travel to third world countries for the Modernizing Extension and Advisory System Project. Students will come from a variety of schools including the University of Illinois as well as Michigan State University, the University of Florida and the University of California-Davis.
The project will focus on development training materials for specialists, policy makers and extension directors. Teams will assess the current agricultural situations as well as how the development improves conditions. The MEASP teams will also suggest investment opportunities to further develop the agriculture industries.
“Extension systems in the poor countries of Africa, Asia and Central America need to undergo a significant change to effectively serve the needs of small-scale male and female farmers. Our goal is to transform these Extension systems so they can play a key role in both increasing farm incomes and improving the livelihoods of the rural poor, especially farm women,” emeritus Professor Burton Swanson said via press release.
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