House Hints at Farm Bill Vote

After months of delay, House leaders have recently suggested that they will finally allow the farm bill to reach the House floor during the lame duck congressional session. The news comes as a pleasant surprise for farmers who had lost faith in Congress’ ability to pass any meaningful farm legislation.

For the past several months, the farm bill has been at the center of rural news. The failure of Congress to extend the bill or pass a new five-year bill has worried farmers across the country (many of whom are still reeling from this summer’s devastating drought). While most farm programs are funded through the beginning of 2013, the gridlock in Washington had convinced many farmers that any progress was impossible.

However, in a campaign stop in Idaho, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor pledged that the House would vote on the farm bill when Congress reconvenes after the 2012 election.

Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Debbie Stabenow recently expressed hope that the farm bill process can finally move forward. “I’m very pleased to hear that Majority Leader Cantor is now committed to bring the Farm Bill to the floor immediately after the election,” said Stabenow. “America’s farmers, ranchers, small businesses and 16 million Americans employed in agriculture desperately need the certainty and disaster relief the Farm Bill provides.”

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer