Horse Scandal Under EU Investigation

European Union agricultural officials are planning to meet later this week to address the growing horsemeat scandal that has struck several EU nations.

Late last month, several grocery stores in the United Kingdom and Ireland were forced to recall significant amounts of ground and prepared beef. The recall, it was later announced, was the result of the discovery that horsemeat had been found in beef meals across both counties.

An investigation revealed that the companies in question, located in several EU member states, had shipped tainted beef across the continent, with some shipments reaching as far as the Czech Republic.

In response to the scandal and the recall, EU officials are planning to meet in Brussels later this week to discuss tougher regulations on European meat products. Among the current considerations is a proposed labelling rule.

In addition, these officials will discuss the future of EU farm subsidies and agricultural spending cuts proposed in the upcoming EU budget.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer