Hay Dryers in Demand

Over the past few years many hay producers have turned to a large investment to make extra money.
With wet summers like this year, often hay crops are too wet to dry properly or take much longer to dry. Dry hay increases the value of the crop.
Purchasing a hay dryer not only speeds up the process, but increases the value of the hay crops.
One farmer found that using a hay dryer added $60 per bale of hay.
A dryer works by blowing warm air that is heated by propane through a vent system on the bottom of the bales. The bales are therefore dried from the bottom up. Bales are held into place on the dryer to avoid vibrations that will cause the bale to not dry.
The entire process takes six to seven hours and can reduce moisture from 30 percent to 15 percent.
It is reported that three bales of hay can lose up to 420 pounds of water with a dryer.
During the recession it is not hard to find a used hay dryer from a farm that has been foreclosed on.
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