Government Considers Buying Pork

The National Pork Producers council (NPPC) asked the government to purchase $50 million of pork products for government assisted programs.
The USDA Undersecretary Michael Scuse said the USDA will decide by the end of November whether the government plans to take action or not.
Since September 2009 hog producers have lost $23 per hog marketed and according to the NPPC president, things are not going to get better.
“The department continues to evaluate pork market conditions and, if justified, (USDA) will initiate additional surplus removal purchases this fiscal year,” Scuse said.
During fiscal 2009 the USDA spent $164.6 million on 100 million pounds of pork for donations to food banks.
Many producers said they feel high feed costs are the reason for the current slump in the hog industry. Other factors include the H1N1 scare and lost of U.S. exports.
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