Georgia Enacts Farm Safety Program

The state of Georgia is trying to improve farm transportation safety through a series of educational safety programs. In the midst of a busy harvest season, Georgia farmers are swarming state roads and highways. The combination of aggressive drivers and slow moving farm equipment can be dangerous. Last year the state experienced 300 farm related vehicle accidents. At least six of these involved fatalities.

In order to improve vehicular safety, Georgia transportation and agricultural officials have started the Yield Behind the Wheel campaign. The campaign focuses on increasing driver awareness and warning motorists to exercise caution when encountering farm vehicles.

According to Agricultural Commissioner Gary Black, “We’re hoping to reach out to Georgians and encourage safety during this harvest season because if we can impact one family, that’s our most precious commodity, we produce in Georgia.”

In addition to warning Georgia motorists, state officials have cautioned farmers to restrict their driving. Harris Blackwood, the Director of the Office of Highway Safety, stated, “We want to caution to all of our farmers that their vehicles have the slow moving vehicle triangular sign that is required by law, and that it’s up to date and people can see it. And don’t drive at awkward times like twilight or just before sunrise.”

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer