Foodcorps to Launch in Oregon

Oregon officials announced the state is one of the pilot states for the Farm to School program. This program provides healthy food options from farms to local students.
Foodcorps, a volunteer programs similar to Americorps, heads up the program in each state. Currently the program is limited due to lack of volunteers.
Foodcrops is important not only to schools, but to the agriculture industry as well. Farm to School programs open a new market to producers around the country.
Not only does Foodcrops work to create healthy menus for children across the United States, but volunteers will help students grow a garden to use for lunches as well. Teaching the children how to grow a garden will provide food as well as teach children the importance of agriculture.
Foodcrops is looking for volunteers across the United Sates. The first groups are expected in Oregon by Fall.
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Written by: Melissa Warner / Farm Plus Staff Writer