Farmers Brace for Another Drought

After experiencing the worst drought in recent memory, farmers across the country are bracing themselves for another long, hot summer.

Last year, farmers across the country suffered in the grip of the worst drought in nearly eighty years. With temperatures reaching record highs across the country and with rain and snowfall hitting all-time lows, farmers watched helplessly as their fields dried up and their crops withered.

This coming summer appears to be offering little relief to beleaguered farmers, many of whom only kept their heads above water thanks to federal crop insurance protections.

Some weather forecasters are hinting that the summer, particularly in the Midwest, could be just as hot and dry as it was last year. While many forecasters are predicting late summer showers, this will be too little too late to help many farmers whose spring and early summer crops will have already died.

“The continuing conditions really look like they’re setting up for a very similar level of drought in the Midwest and West,” Roger Pulwarty, a director with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The continued drought conditions, in addition to offering little relief to farmers, will be a continued source of worry to consumers, who can expect food price increases if crops continue to fail across the agricultural heartland.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer