Farm-to-Table More Than a Fad

The farm-to-table movement, which has been taking off in recent years, is more than a fad, some environmentalists argue, and represents a major shift in sustainable agriculture.
For the past several years, American consumers have become more and more conscious about agricultural sustainability and food quality. A series of health/quality scares, including a major salmonella outbreak originating from Colorado cantaloupes and recent bad publicity about pink slime and meat additives, have led many consumers to reconsider the quality of food they buy.
These consumer treads have been aided by the US Department of Agriculture, which has made serious efforts to support local farmers through their Know Your Farm, Know Your Food program.
However, while many consumers see increase local consumption and farm-to-table programs as a niche fad, many environmentalists have argued that these movement represent a major way to increase sustainable agriculture. Increased local consumption, for example, can reduce shipping costs and eating foods that are naturally in season can reduce strain on soil. Increasing sustainable agriculture can help reduce damage to the environment that could present a major problem as worldwide climate patters change.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer