Farm Industry Angry at Extension

In the wake of the fiscal cliff negotiations and a temporary, nine-month extension of the expired farm bill, farm advocacy groups and rural legislatures are angry at the failure of Congress to pass a five-year farm bill.

Despite considerable pressure from farm advocacy groups over the summer and fall, Congress refused to take up a new farm bill, passing up their last chance to include a five-year farm bill in the fiscal cliff legislation (preferring instead to include a nine-month extension of the current farm bill).

In particular, farm organizations are angry at the lack of clear, coherent federal farm policy. Farmers rely on knowing what federal programs will be in place, what subsidies the feds will pay, and what supports they will offer to plan their crops.

Without knowing what policies will be included in the upcoming farm bill, many farmers could find themselves at a disadvantage come harvest time.

Pam Johnson, president of the National Corn Growers Association, recently released a press release, stating, “America’s farmers have clearly made known the importance and need of a new farm bill in 2012. Once again, Congress’ failure to act pushes agriculture aside hampering farmers’ ability to make sound business decisions for the next five years. The National Corn Growers Association is tired of the endless excuses and lack of accountability. The system is clearly broken.”

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer