Farm Coalition Pushes for Farm Bill

A new farm advocacy group, known as Farm Bill Now, is attempting to unite otherwise opposing agricultural interest groups to lobby for the speedy passage of a new farm bill once Congress returns from its recess.

For the past year, increasing pressure has been placed on Congress to pass a new farm bill and for the past year, congressional inactivity and partisan bickering has delayed the passage of vital farm legislation. Rather than putting aside their differences and working to create a bipartisan piece of legislation to help the agricultural community, Congress has sought to use the farm bill debate to advance a variety of political agendas (ranging from cutting welfare programs to promoting green energy).

With Congress entering a five-week recess no closer to passing a farm bill then it was in June, farm groups are ramping up the political pressure. The recently created Farm Bill Now organization is the penultimate expression of that pressure. Representing 39 agricultural groups (including traditional heavyweights like the Farm Bureau and the National Farmers Union), the coalition represents a concerted effort to put aside internal squabbling (the 39 groups represent nearly every segment of the farm community, including groups with opposing interests) in order to guarantee a new farm bill this fall.

In explaining their goals and interests, the group issued the following statement. “[the farm bill] benefits American farms – 98 percent of which are owned and operated by families. It helps big farms and small farms, major crops and specialty crops, organic farmers and conventional farmers, cattle ranchers and cotton ginners, farmers markets and national suppliers, and the vast range of other pursuits that make up American agriculture. This year, it would help farmers tackle the challenges posed by the worst drought in a generation.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer