Farm Bureau Planning Eastern Europe Trip

Members of the Iowa Farm Bureau are offering members a chance to take part in a tour of Eastern European farms and ranches, hoping to develop new methods of production.

For the past year, Iowa farmers have found themselves in a difficult situation. While farmers nationwide saw a significant increase in farm profits on average, Iowa farmers found themselves at the epicenter of the worst drought in fifty years, one that devastated corn crops across the state and left many farmers reliant on federal crop insurance programs to make ends meet.

In an effort to explore better production methods and to study recovery (Eastern Europe has suffered from periodic droughts for the past several years), the Farm Bureau is planning a trip to the Ukraine and the Black Sea region.

“We’ve chosen the Black Sea region for our organization’s first exclusive trade and education tour because it’s an emerging competitive market for Iowa corn, soybeans and livestock production,”  Dave Miller, Farm Bureau director of research and commodity services, says in a news release.

“For example, corn production in Ukraine has gone from 2.5 million metric tons to over 20 million metric tons in just a decade; that’s nearly a 1,000 percent increase and there is more to come.”

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer