Farm Bill Likely to Consumer Congressional Attention

The 2013 Farm Bill is expected to take up the bulk of Congress’ attention in the next several weeks, representing a major shift away from recent budget concerns and government shutdown fears.
For the past few months, Congress’ attention has been far from farm concerns. With major immigration reform overhauls on the horizon, with fears of yet another government shutdown, and with concerns over sequestration cuts, many farmers have been concerned that they were receiving the short end of the congressional stick.
Recent announcements from the House and Senate Agriculture Committees, however, indicate that Congress is planning to spend the next several weeks focusing on the needs of the farm community.
Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, for example, has pledged to bring the farm bill to the Senate floor by next week, following the markup process this week. The House, in a reverse from last year’s fiasco, is expected to bring the farm bill to a floor vote (Majority Leader Eric Cantor has already pledged to hold a vote).
A variety of US Department of Agriculture officials have already been scheduled to testify in the House and Senate regarding the needs of the agricultural sector.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer