Farm Bill Fight Gets Heated

According to industry veterans, the backdoor fighting and squabbling related to the 2012 and 2013 Farm Bill has reached a fevered pitch.

For most of last year, congressional infighting paralyzed the farm bill debate. While the House Agriculture Committee and the Senate both passed versions of the five-year farm legislation, GOP leadership in the House prevented the bill from reaching the floor.

In the wake of the 2012 Farm Bill’s death, farm lobbyists and industry officials have been ramping up the pressure on Congress, hoping to convince lawmakers to pass a new bill as quickly as possible.

The fighting, which some lobbyists have argued has reached a new level of intensity, has worn out many farm officials and rural politician’s. “Some people have farm bill fatigue. I have farm bill nausea,” said Jim Wiesemeyer, a Washington based ag specialist, to the South Dakota Corn Growers Association.

Despite this “nausea,” many farmers are still hoping that a new bill can be passed as quickly as possible. However, some lobbyists believe that the soonest a firm bill will be proposed will by May or June, just a few months shy of the September expiration of the temporary farm bill extension.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer