East Coast Farmers Deal With Snow Damage

Just a few months after Hurricane Sandy, which devastated communities across the Eastern Seaboard, Northeastern residents are finding themselves recovering from another major winter storm.

At the end of October, Hurricane Sandy, the second costliest tropical storm in United States history, tore through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, causing more than $71 billion dollars of damage. While most of the destruction was concentrated in New Jersey and New York, parts of the Northeast received their fair share of damage.

Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern residents have been struggling to rebuild for months (and have received little congressional aid until recently).

In the middle of these rebuilding efforts, Winter Storm Nemo, also known as the February 2012 nor’easter, hammered the Northeast, dumping 40 inches in some parts of Connecticut, which bore the brunt of the storm.

Farm officials in Connecticut are reporting that more than 120 farm buildings in the state have been destroyed by the snowfall (the weight of which collapsed roofs). The state’s nursery and landscaping business, which accounts for more than half of the state’s agricultural sales, has been hit hardest, with greenhouses across the state collapsing, destroying trees and setting back farmers.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer