Corporate Farm Turns to Supreme Court for Help

Monsanto, one of the world’s largest agriculture companies, is asking the Supreme Court to over turn a decision made by federal courts to prevent the company from selling genetically engineered alfalfa seeds.
Geertson Seed Farm opposes to the sales of these seeds and took the company to federal court. Geertson objects to the sales because the farm feels that the Roundup Ready alfalfa will cross-pollinate with other seeds preventing the ability to grow organic crops. The farm claims, “In a few years, it will be extremely difficult to avoid contamination from [genetically engineered] alfalfa to conventional alfalfa seed.”
Monsanto disagrees and claims the product is stronger seeds that is necessary and have “become a mainstay of American agriculture.” This is because genetically engineered seeds allow for higher yields and stronger seeds which is ultimately more money for farmers.
Charles Breyer, a federal judge, issued an injunction against Monsanto so the company has turned to the Supreme Court because the “science fiction-like scenarios” are unreal. One supreme court justice, Breyer’s brother (Stephen Breyer), removed himself from the case therefore only eight justices are voting on the issue. If the decision is split in half, the injunction will stay in place.
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