Corn Crops' Record Year

According to the USDA Crop Production report, this year’s Indiana state corn crop will be a record breaker. The crop will not only be large in production, but also high in average of bushels per acre.
The USDA took ear counts in August, but the numbers are not released state-by-state. So far the USDA predicts the ear count is about 27,600.
“That’s huge, that’s the largest we’ve ever had,” Joe Prusacki, director of Statistics for USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service “We expected, based on current technology trends and what farmers are doing, about 250 more ears per acre this year than last year just based on typical trends.”
Prusacki added that Illinois and Indiana have suffered from late planting seasons and although they are generally the leaders in ear counts, their numbers are about the same as last year.
The estimates will be confirmed in September’s report.
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