Christmas Tree Growers Hope for a Happy Holiday

Christmas tree growers across the country are hoping for high sales despite the larger economic recession. The recession has been hard on agricultural producers who specialize in retail products. Money conscious consumers are looking to reduce spending this holiday season and with many Christmas trees costing upwards of $100, the industry may suffer major financial losses.

However, many growers are optimistic that sales will still be robust. One West Virginia grower stated, “I think the tree season is going to be fine. I think there will be better sales [than last year],” expecting higher sales in smaller, less expensive trees.

Growers who provide the three most popular Christmas tree types, the Fraser, Douglas, and Noble firs, are also expecting a merry Christmas.

Other farmers are less upbeat. With the recession tightening holiday budgets across the country, many consumers are decorating their homes with artificial trees, which can cost as little as $20, a price that tree growers cannot match.

Many farmers were optimistic about a proposed Christmas tree tax that would add an extra 15 cents to tree sales in order to fund marketing programs across the country. At the present, this proposed tax has stalled and appears unlikely to go into effect.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer