Children's Safety

The director of the National Farm Medicine Center at Marshall Clinic, Barbara Lee, expressed the center’s commitment to farm safety after the recent death of a four-year-old Oklahoma boy.
Experts are concerned that adults need to be reminded that children should not be allowed to ride on moving tractors. The center has teamed up with farm safety organizations to refresh everyone on the campaign launched two years ago, ‘It’s Easier to Bury a Tradition than a Child,’ a national campaign to keep children younger than 12 away from tractors.
“Now we’re appealing to others outside the network to help us spread the message to keep kids away from tractors,” Lee said.
Information on the campaign is available from The Childhood Agricultural Safety Network at Free public service announcements by Michael Peterson are just part of the information. One thirty second video shows the Oklahoma boy’s stepfather describing the horrific sight that morning. “He turned around, and saw the upper part of the boy’s body already wrapped in the brush hog.”
100-plus farm-related accidents happen involving children each year, but most accidents occur on tractors and other big machinery.
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