Cap and Trade

Ohio farmer recently met up with Jeff Enger who represents corn growers nationally on a cap and trade committee, and Enger has sincere concerns for farmers looking into the cap and trade industry.
Cap and trade is good in theory. It is a way to cut down and limit carbon emissions from factories, power plants and many other industries. The carbon that is released is to be captured and stored by farmers.
Enger feels the idea to pay farmers to capture the carbon is a good idea for farmers and ranchers who have native ranchland and pastures that are never to be broken up and sold. However, those from the Missouri River east need more flexibility.
Enger uses no-till and works on the farm when it is wet and cool. He is worried that if he signs up for the program in the future he will not be able to plant corn some years.
He thinks that farmers will not be paid enough money from the government to supplement their losses, and he believes that all farming supplies will rise in cost when the program goes into effect.
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