Canadian Farmers Protest Wind Farms

In a sign of major erosion of public support, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture recently came out against new wind farm projects, citing health concerns and questions about efficiency.

While the OFA says that it remains committed to green energy programs, the groups says that wind farms are dividing rural communities and seriously effecting the quality of life throughout rural Ontario.

Of particular concern to OFA is guaranteeing that the interests of farm families are adequately protected.

Energy officials are concerned about the OFA’s stance, claiming that farm organizations have worked with the Canadian government in creating green energy projects. According to Energy Minister Chris Bentley, “We’ve worked very closely with farmers, with the OFA, with rural Ontario in developing and strengthening the renewable energy approvals process.”

The difficulty in forging a green energy program in Canada may have repercussions in the United States. Communities throughout the U.S. have struggled against many renewable energy programs. On the eastern seaboard, for example, the building of wind farms has been resisted as many rural communities view them as eyesores.

Given the skepticism that many farm organizations harbor towards environmental conservation programs, such as the Chesapeake Bay restoration project, data questioning the efficiency of wind farms are likely to be seized by farm organization in the States.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer