California Officials Predict Another Rough Year

California producers can expect water shortages again this upcoming Spring and Summer. Despite the normal snow fall and precipitation over the winter, it is not enough to bring the state out of its current drought conditions.
Southland cities, such as Los Angeles, will be put on water rationing because the water levels are only at 40 percent of full allocation. Although the numbers are not finalized, officials expect little change when the total numbers are announced in May.
“The impression seems to be that the drought has been broken,” said Water Resources Director Mark Cowin told the Los Angeles times. But “clearly we’re going to have water shortages this year. We all need to conserve water.”
Normally Shasta Lake, in Northern California, is at 104 percent for April. However, it is currently only at 60 percent which is much lower than last spring. This is the lake that provides irrigation for most of California’s farms.
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