Brown Praises Farm Bill

Earlier this week, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown praised the passage of the farm bill, emphasizing its positive effects on the Ohio economy and stressing the importance of agriculture across the Midwest.

After months of debate and gridlock, the Senate finally passed the 2012 Farm Bill, paving the way for a new set of federal agricultural legislation to take the place of the expiring provisions contained in the current bill. While the farm bill will still face many more hurdles before it passes, the bipartisan support it received in the Senate has led many farmers to be optimistic to its chances in the House of Representatives.

Senator Brown’s support of the farm bill and the agricultural sector stems from farming’s importance in the Ohio economy. Nearly one in seven Ohio jobs is generated by the food and agriculture industry.

In speaking of the farm bill, Brown stated, “The bipartisan, Senate-passed farm bill is the most significant reform of U.S. agriculture in decades – saving taxpayers $23 billion while investing in Ohio’s number one industry. This farm bill is forward thinking, yet realistic. The centerpiece of the bill’s deficit reduction efforts is based on a bill I authored with my colleague Senator Thune that would end the era of paying farmers for crops that they don’t grow and replace direct payments with market-based supports that’s more responsive to farmers and taxpayers. This farm bill is a jobs and innovation bill, an economic relief and development bill, and it affects every American every day.”

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer