Biotech Crops Aren't All Bad…

Biotech crops have always received bad press because the food is deemed unnatural and harmful to people and the environment. However, a recent report released by the National Research Center suggests biotech crops have both economical and environmental benefits.
Economically farmers note a better yield with fewer pest problems while using biotech crops (that are genetically engineered). Not only do farmers save money because insecticides and herbicides aren’t needed, but it’s safer for the environment as well. Herbicides and insecticides run of the crops into waterways causing pollution. These farmers are also less likely to practice conservation tillage, sot here is better soil quality and less erosion.
The only problem with genetically engineered crops is it is causing weeds to become resistant to Roundup. This is bred into crops like soybeans and corn across the country. Researchers and government agencies have already started looking into finding an answer to the problem.
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