Australia on Cutting Edge of Robotics

Australian farmers are on the cutting edge of robotics technology, pioneering innovative new ways to efficiently grow crops.
Despite the common image of farmers rooted in bucolic nostalgia, farmers have always been on the cutting edge of technological innovation. The use of new synthetic fertilizers and high-yield seeds, for example, helped fuel the Green Revolution of the 40s-70s, which fundamentally transformed farming worldwide. The use of farm machinery helped transform American agriculture from small, sufficiency farms to consumer-based production.
In Australia, farmers are pioneering innovative ways to grow crops. A select few farms are pioneering the use of robots and unmanned aerial vehicles to maximize production and automate farm labor. In a nation where the agricultural minimum wage is nearly A$16, robots could significantly increase farmers’ profit margins.
Right now, robots are being used to monitor select crops. Scientists, however, are planning a new phase of research that could adapt robotic labor to watering and harvesting crops.
In the US, farmers are beginning to contemplate the potential of robotic technology. Farmers are already planning on adapting unmanned aerial drones to agricultural purposes.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer