Argentina Hopes for Dry Weather

Argentinean farmers are hoping for drier weather after weeks of relentless rain that has drenched fields and inundated crops.

While American farmers may have suffered from months of unrelenting drought, in the Southern Hemisphere, South American farmers enjoyed months of wet weather with ample rain. This wet weather has proven a godsend to farmers, who see a major opportunity to expand their production.

Argentina in particular has pinned their economic and agricultural hopes on strong grain and soybean production (particularly after a weak showing in the United States due to the recent drought). Analysts, factoring in weak production in North America, have predicted that Argentine farmers will grow record-breaking corn, wheat, and soybean crops.

Argentina is one of the world’s major grain and soybean producers. It currently ranks number three worldwide in soybean and corn exports.

However, the unrelenting rain may be dampening farmers’ plans. For the past few weeks, relentless rainstorms have turned fields into muddy bogs while flooding roads. As a result, farmers have only planted 35% of major grain crops (under normal conditions they would have planted 50%).

If farmers are unable to get their crops in the ground before the New Year, they may risk frost damage in early Southern Hemisphere winters.

Argentine farm officials are downplaying potential problems, insisting that farmers are merely facing temporary delays and that the corn and soybean crop will be larger than ever.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer