Agriculture the Key to Haitian Recovery

According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, reviving Haitian agriculture and encouraging Haitian citizens to leave crowded urban centers could be the key to the Caribbean nation’s economic recovery.

Two years ago, Haiti was struck by a massive earthquake that leveled the capital of Port-au-Prince, killing hundreds of thousands and leaving over one million Haitians homeless nationwide. A major cause of the carnage and devastation, some international city planners have estimated, was the massive crowding that took place in major Haitian urban centers, particularly Port-au-Prince.

Encouraging agricultural development would be an important way to end this urban overcrowding, easing congestion in major cities and lessening the risk of massive casualties in the face of another natural disaster.

In addition, encouraging rural migration would help develop the Haitian economy, which currently relies heavily on food imports to feed its people. The creation of agricultural jobs would be a major boost to the country’s unsteady economy.

Already some Haitians have made the move to the countryside. Still reeling from the earthquake, some individuals have vowed never to return to Port-au-Prince, choosing instead to remain in the countryside far away from the crowded, dangerous capital.

Several international aid organizations like the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Bank, which recently approved over $50 million for agricultural projects, are helping to spearhead Haitian rural development, providing money and training to Haiti’s burgeoning farm sector.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer