Agriculture Offers Jobs

In the midst of a sluggish economy and high unemployment, agriculture and the farm sector have enormous (and often untapped) potential for college graduates looking for work.

While the economy may be making gradual steps towards recovery, the job prospects are still bleak for many segments of the population. Young people in particular have found it very difficult to find jobs fresh out of college (recent youth unemployment statistics are above 17%).

While most sectors of the economy are still struggling, agriculture remains a booming industry. Farm exports are expected to hit $143 billion in 2013, according to US trade representatives, President Obama has committed the US to investing more than $22 billion in new agricultural investments, and the US Department of Agriculture has predicted the need for more than 50,000 undergraduates in the agricultural sector by 2015.

In addition, with a graying farm sector (whose average age is shooting up to nearly 60) and with federal grants and loan programs specifically designed to help new farmers, there may not be a better time for young Americans to enter the agriculture profession.

Students across the country appear to have seen the writing on the wall. Agricultural education programs across the nation are experiencing an increase in enrollment as more and more young people contemplate a career in the farm sector.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer