AGCO Begins Zambian Farm Project

AGCO, a Duluth, Georgia based agricultural equipment company, is launching a model farm project in the African nation of Zambia. The farm, AGCO officials hope, will serve as a model for sustainable farming and economic growth and development based on agricultural production.

As African economies slowly develop, major U.S. corporations are seeing potential in investing in those economies, hoping that a few hundred million dollars today could lead to major windfalls down the line. Agriculture, in particular, is a major area of investment. With African farmers facing the threat of climate change and with African consumers facing persistent food insecurity, international aid organizations, national governments, and supranational institutions like the United Nations are considering massive investments to stabilize African food production.

Companies like AGCO are hoping to piggyback on these investments, laying the groundwork for future economic development. AGCO officials recently revealed plans to build a 371-acre farm in Zambia that will serve as an agricultural learning center where pioneering technologies and practices can be developed.

AGCO is committed to growing its presence within Africa by investing in distribution infrastructure and new training sites — like the one planned for Zambia. We have committed to invest US $100 million in Africa in the coming years,” said one of the company’s senior vice presidents.

The farm will help African farmers become acquainted with modern farm technologies and will help farmers gain access to valuable financial aid and agricultural credit.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer