$550,000,000 in Disaster Funding Available for Producers

United States Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced assistance is available to some Indiana producers.
Indiana cotton, sweet potato, rice and soybean producers may be eligible for $550 million in disaster loans available from the United States Department of Agriculture.
Those producers who suffered excessive water damage in 2009 can apply for assistance from the Crop Assistance Program.
“Producers of these crops suffered quality and quantity losses caused by excess moisture in 2009,” Vilsack said. “They continue to feel the effects of those crop losses and this program will provide timely assistance.”
Though the heavy rainfalls occurred a year ago, farmers across Indiana are still feeling repercussions from the weather. Many farmers saw more than 5 percent crop loss from rain.
The FSA will distribute money based on need, eligibility and based on a per acre basis. Those who are granted money will recive up to 75 percent or CAP payment, upon sign up they can earn an additional 25 percent.
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Written by: Melissa Warner / Farm Plus staff writer