4-H Program Teaches Real Life Lessons

The importance of agriculture stretches beyond providing food and income for families. 4-H programs in Know and Loudon counties aim to teach children important life lessons.
Elementary students in said counties are working with 4-H leaders and local producers to learn hands-on the importance of responsibility and nutrition. Students are working with pigs to nourish and grow the animals at John Goddard’s farm. Goddard is a Loudon County Extension agent who recognizes it is important to relate agriculture to real life at an early age.
“We’re raising kids… and we’re raising kids by raising pigs,” Goddard told WBIR. “My son and I have the burden of taking care of the animals during the week and the kids take care of them on the weekends.”
Parents encourage children to participate in the program because it shows an organism depends on them to survive. Not only do children feed the animals, but they clean the stalls as well. Officials hope the program will open the door for scholarships in the future.
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Written by: Melissa Warner / Farm Plus staff writer