The Projected Numbers are In!

With Spring around the corner many farmers are deciding what crops to plant to make the biggest profit. In many states, including Florida, big changes are being made.
In early March Florida farmers said they intend to plant more corn and soybeans and fewer acres of wheat, cotton and peanuts in 2009 compared to 2008.
Growers are planting an estimated 35,000 acres of soybeans, up 3,000 acres from the 32,000 acres planted last year. While corn acres are expected to be at 80,000 instead of 75,000 from last year.
While soy beans and corn are increasing, cotton crops are expected to cover only 65,000 acres, down 3 percent, and peanut growers are only planting 110,000 acres covering 27 percent less acreage than in 2008.
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