Florida hit With Freezing Temperatures

Florida governor Charlie Crist has asked the USDA to declare Florida an agircultural disaster area following a state-wide freeze.
The uncommon freezing weather hit large parts of Florida through January. The state has experienced 13 consecutive days of “sustained hours” of below-freezing temperatures resulting in crop damage.
Crist would like all 67 Florida counties to be included in the disaster declaration according to a letter written by the governor to the USDA. The letter outlined how much the weather has affected crops and how important agriculture is to the state’s economy.
“No sector of agriculture appears to have been spared,” he wrote. “Citrus, sugarcane, nursery crops, tropical fish, sweetcorn, tomatoes, snap peas, strawberries, blueberries, peppers, avocados, mangoes and oats are some of the crops that appear to have sustained significant damage.”
Since the request, Congress has been to Florida to exam the 30 percent crop loss. No decision has been made yet.
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