Solar Energy for Green Vineyards

Vineyards are taking a further step to be eco-friendly, in Oregon the Torri Mor Winery, Stoller Vineywards, Schafer Vineyard Cellar and Sokol Blosser Winery have all gone to solar power to operate their businesses.
The latest addition to the trend is The Pfeiffer Winery. The winery, owned by Robin and Danuta Pfeiffer produces 1,500 cases of wine a year.
“We wanted to be as green as we could,” Robin Pfeiffer told King 5, “but it has to pencil out.”
Adding solar paneling can be costly, the Pfeiffers had estimated about $216,000. However with tax credits and the amount saved on their electricity bill the final project estimated around $4600.
“We couldn’t afford it without the tax credits,” Danuta Pfeiffer said.
The amount of solar projects is quickly increase with global awareness. In 2003 only 64 were built on homes, but in 2007 there were 233. Businesses increased from 29 to 109.
For a business that grows grapes, relying on the sun is simply common sense.
“Wineries are supremely set up to use solar energy,” because vines grow on sun-washed, south-facing slopes, she said. “It’s a natural.”
If you are interested in starting your own green winery, now is the time. Vineyard financing is available. Contact Farm Plus for more information by visiting this Web site or calling toll free 866-929-5585.