New York Reaches Out to Young Farmers

Agricultural groups in upstate New York are going to great lengths to attract young people into the profession. Without an influx of young farmers, some agricultural officials predict that the profession may face a serious economic decline.
For the past several decades, the average age of American farmers has been on the rise. In some states and communities, it is nearing 60, presenting farmers with a bleak vision for the future. Without new farmers to replace retirees, overall production may decline and the strength of the American farm sector may be in jeopardy.
This is particularly true for vulnerable industries like New York’s dairy sector. For the past several years, price fluctuations have caused mini-recessions in the sector, driving many dairy farmers out of business.
In an effort to attract replacements, some upstate New York farm organizations have launched aggressive outreach programs, reaching out to groups like the Future Farmers of America to think about innovative new techniques and practices.
The resulting meetings have produced a wide variety of thoughts and opinions. According to the agricultural coordinator of New York’s Jefferson County, “It was interesting. A lot of the ideas that came out were exciting. The fact that folks think we need to have some sort of internship program for all of our farms to be able to tap into.”
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