Farming Key to UK’s Economic Growth

With much of the Western world’s economy still struggling in the face of the European Debt Crisis and an ongoing American economic recession, European economists are looking for ways to jump start their respective national economies. In the United Kingdom, agricultural and economic officials believe that a strengthened farm sector could help boost a struggling nation.
An expansive agricultural sector is a major factor in the growth of the British economy. According to the Nation Farmers’ Union president, increased exports of agricultural products have put the UK on track for a record export year. This growing export economy has helped create 9,000 agricultural jobs in the UK.
Exports for the first half 2011 are estimated to be around £5.8 billion, an increase of over 13 percent from last year. Agricultural leaders are using these financial gains to call for limiting EU green farming reforms, which some farmers believe will only create governmental red tape.
According to Agriculture Minister Jim Paice, “We are working in Europe to reform the Common Agricultural Policy so it encourages improved competitiveness and better environmental performance, with less reliance on subsidies. We are also making our own regulations simple and effective so it’s easier for farmers to do their job.”
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer