South Carolina Farm Loans

Farm Plus Financial is the leader in South Carolina farm loans, ag financing and South Carolina line of credit farm loans with some of the most competitive interest rates available today. Farming and ranching plays an important part of South Carolina’s economy with Tobacco being one of the state’s top cash crops and South Carolina being one of the largest producers of tobacco nationwide. Soybean production is also a major part of South Carolina agriculture with over 400,000 acres planted annually. In addition, livestock makes up an important part of the state’s agricultural economy. South Carolina is the eighth largest producer of turkeys nationwide and its poultry industry alone is valued at over $1 billion.

There are few lending institutions that offer ag financing in South Carolina or South Carolina farm loans and Farm Plus Financial understands how important it is to find a farm lender who has a true knowledge of South Carolina farms and how South Carolina farm operations are managed. With our streamlined South Carolina farm loan process and knowledgeable staff, you’ll find getting a South Carolina farm loan from Farm Plus has been simplified to reduce your time involved. No one works harder to secure farm loans for their customers than Farm Plus Financial. If you are interested in purchasing or expanding your farm, looking to refinance for a better rate and term or looking to cover day-to-day farm operating expenses, please call Farm Plus Financial toll free at 866-929-5585 or fill out the farm loan inquiry form below to have a South Carolina farm loan officer contact you with our current interest rates and information relating to our loan programs today.

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Complete the short farm loan inquiry form below to have a South Carolina farm loan officer contact you today with our current interest rates and information or call us toll-free at 866-929-5585 to discuss your farm financing needs.